Hoffable herralumps

I don’t have the heart to blame an animal for anything it does. So, elephants, you are not only forgiven, but sympathised with. Drought, fires, loss of habitat – what can you do but raid our farms filled with goodies?

Three elephants have staked out our area as their eatery. Jackfruit and mango are in season. And tender shoots of other trees. And of course the perennial vegetable beds. Casualties so far are a lot of small trees including banana, coconut and papaya, branches off other trees, and several things from the raised beds – tomato, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber and kale plants, among others. One small but flourishing peepal tree that I hoped to find enlightenment under. (Like my wisdom teeth, wisdom too evades me.) And this poor mangled mango tree.I’m told it’ll grow back. If we get rain, and the elephants go back to the forest. Taking the good with the bad, I’m glad someone got some pleasure out of it. So they’re not horrible heffalumps. Just heffable horralumps. And long may they carry on!

On a cross country walk yesterday I saw a few water bodies with water still. This spring gladdened my heart, and the elephant dung and deer and boar hoof prints around it as well!


9 responses to “Hoffable herralumps

  1. Very true, humans have made so many animals homeless that we cannot blame them now. I read about panther cubs roaming in villages nearby, then getting caught and killed. A sickening cycle, with no end in sight.
    Your mention of jackfruit trees made me tear up almost. That’s the one fruit I miss here in this arid land, with zero chance of ever seeing one.
    Reg wisdom teeth, ouch ouch and ouchhhh. Could have done with less of it!

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    • Wish I could send you a jackfruit! But it would likely come with an attached heffalump!
      Sorry about your wisdom teeth, are they through yet? Mine threaten once in a while.

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      • Haha, thanks. That’s just the image I needed on this hot day, two of my favourite things, jackfruit and attached heffalump! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        Got my wisdom teeth wrenched and hammered out long back. Vastly over-rated, this wisdom, huh! Better off without it. πŸ˜‹

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