All set, now where’s the rain?

It must be nice to be God. No hitches or holdups once you decide to do something, or so I imagine. Over the last few days, we have had our pond and well excavated. Each is deeper by about 3-4 feet, and the pond is about 20 feet longer. The most exciting part is, it now has an island! There was a small thorn tree at the edge of the existing pond, and when we lengthened the pond, we decided to leave it standing on its own bit of land. And voila! An island is born!

See that cake like thing sporting a feathery tuft in the middle? That’s the one!

And the tree is going to get a companion soon, like Adam a nd Eve. It is to be hoped that the thorny Adam will be nice to the newcomer.

Now, all this could easily make one feel like God. But we can’t create water, nor rain. We could perhaps fill up the well and pond by pumping water out of our borewell, but we’re too smart to make that mistake. No, we’re going to sit tight and wait for the rain. Rain, please please rain!!

During this exercise, I have also revised my opinion of JCBs slightly. They are good for some things. One is digging ponds. No destruction there. They’re pretty useless with wells, though. Here’s the unimpressive hole in the ground that we call our well.

What you see here is apparently a traditional “soapath baavi” – a well with a gentle slope on at least one side to allow people and animals to walk down to (and out of) the water. Early on, horrified by newspaper reports of children and animals falling into wells and being unable to climb out, we decided against the more common cylindrical well lined with stones. However good they look, they are dangerous and a waste of rocks and money.

Second good deed of the JCB: it made some birds very happy. Drongos, blue jays and egrets feasted in its wake. The egrets were the most insatiable, and so the only creatures my slow trigger finger could capture.

Two more small water bodies are being planned, one of which may be lined. And several rainwater tanks. Thanks, Gopi, for all your advice and encouragement! Watch this space, readers, for ‘after’ pictures. We should get at least one good downpour this month.


6 responses to “All set, now where’s the rain?

    • In Bangalore of old, there would be rain every fortnight, round the year. The panchang lists 24 rains, each has a name. What have we done to our climate?!


      • Yes, Bangalore had lot of showers, quirky ones, too. And I remember from my childhood days, houses with no fans. No hooks, in fact, to hang fans. Now, unbelievable crowds, toppling trees, water shortage. I just dont feel like going there anymore. Humans have really messed up.

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