Water! she gasped


It’s over two weeks since I saw the place, I’m sorely in need of a fix. And it hasn’t rained in nearly three months in these parts. We are facing a serious drought. I think this year’s ragi crop – the staple food in these parts – is already a write off. If we get any rain in this NE monsoon – which doesn’t look at all likely – we will have to think of a quick, short term crop. I am going to research this, just in case.

Anyway, I’m just cheering myself up with this picture of a nearby bog/lake brimming over in the last rains. It’s a favourite walk of ours.

One of the best things about our farm is all the cross-country walks you can take. There’s hardly a fence or wall in sight. Ours, to my shame and sorrow, is one of the few fenced properties. (We bought land with a group of friends, and everyone else was very insistent on this.) But let me hasten to add that it is more to mark our boundary, and is quite porous. It has five openings, which are left open, and the villagers come in regularly to collect water. (We have the best water in the world!) We have also made a public kaccha road around the property that is driveable (in the broad sense of the term).

To get back to the bog, it’s across the valley and up the ridge to our west. Very beautiful, and also a favoured watering hole of the elephants. You will usually find elephant footprints (pugmarks? pawprints? what are they actually called?) and dung around here. Speaking of which, did you know elephant dung is actually used to make paper? A friend gave me some beautiful stationery made by Haathi Chaap. Strange are the ways of men and mice.


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