A river runs through it…

Not really! But almost.

We have four small ponds in various parts of our land to catch and store rainwater. But despite really good rains this season, the ponds weren’t filling up. So we have been working at unclogging some of the rainwater run-off channels. And suddenly the joyful chuckle of running water can be heard!

The level of water in the ponds has gone up dramatically. This morning we found the island in the large pond almost submerged. Water works are so exciting! Maybe we are all descended from beavers.

And among the landlubbers, the white poinsettia and its offspring are blooming!


14 responses to “A river runs through it…

  1. What joy to hear those ‘chuckles’! We have a rain-fed river behind our building, and come August we keep straining our eyes, eager to see the water come up gushing. Celebration time!

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