Sadness and uncertainty

It’s months since I posted anything. And some of you have kindly been asking what happened. Two things happened, almost simultaneously. Covid and the lockdown, and the disappearance of our darling cat, Punkin Puss. For us, the latter event makes the former seem even more unreal. The daily swinging between hope and disappointment, the lack of closure, the grief and worry that never go away… I thought I knew how much we loved Punk, how grateful we were for the love and laughter he brought to our lives; but I never realised how indispensable he was to our happiness. Now our joyful paradise has become merely a place to work and of some distraction.

Meanwhile, the pandemic keeps escalating. The sense of isolation from friends and family increases. My husband has “co-morbidities” (hideous new word we’ve learnt!) that make it necessary for us to be extra careful. Even worse than the disease itself, it has enabled our country to go completely berserk. Protests on Zoom are easy to ignore, and the government bulldozes on its ignorant and cruel way with no hindrance. Where is this all going to end?

I used to think of myself as a patriot. Now the very word ‘nation’ revolts me. But that’s not right. Why should the bigots be allowed to hijack the idea of India? The India I grew up in was idealistic, tolerant, principled. It upheld Truth, ahimsa, love of nature, and love of our fellows of all colours, castes and creeds. It was hospitable to refugees and visitors alike. I still love that country, but where is it? Will we ever get it back? Will these sad and uncertain times get better or worse?

If only Punk would come home!

PS. Frogesh the frog is neither sad nor uncertain. He sings all night long and, in the morning, comes home to sleep under a strawberry leaf.


13 responses to “Sadness and uncertainty

  1. When I ‘pestered’ you to write, I didn’t mean for you to concentrate on the darkness. My ammamma always said that there’s more good in the world than bad. She also said trust in Him, whatever happens is for the good.
    Difficult to believe, I know. But my experience is that very often her words come true. Don’t lose hope, please!


  2. We in the U.S., those of us with still rational minds at any rate, feel the same about our country. When will things return to “normal” with people respecting each other, with a government that cares about its people, with a return to health away from this horrible pandemic? It’s so disheartening to see the news..each day seems to bring only more sadness and a furthering lack of hope of the future. We lost our dog Dasher this summer..our companion of more than 17 years. It is so sad here now. We have to search daily for things to bring us back to ourselves. We struggle on. You are not alone. You have people world-wide who love you and are concerned that you are alright. Namaste.

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    • Namaste, Suze. Yes, we are going through very similar things, personally and politically. It’s comforting to have friends who understand. Hope the coming elections will deliver your country from the clutches of this bad government. And hope you come through the personal darkness soon as well. ❤️❤️❤️
      I keep reminding myself how fortunate we are in so many things, and to ‘suck it up’ and smile. One of these days, we’ll get there.


  3. Very sorry to hear that. I still miss my cat, who passed away 2.5 years back.
    The situation is getting crazy with the numbers, and the attitude of people is also worrying. Stay safe.

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    • Thanks, Vaidya. I’m sorry for your loss too. How besotted we get with these independent little amoral carnivores! You and your family take care, stay safe.


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