Grass: evil or amoral?

Grass probably beats cockroaches in adaptability and survival skills. It’s everywhere, growing fast!

So, our neighbour Chitra and I had this discussion, and were pleased to find ourselves in agreement. Grass provides habitat for so many creatures – hares, mongooses, snakes, peacocks, lapwings and quails, to name a few that we’ve seen on our land. So we decided that we’d only cut the grass in the road and frequently used paths. And that’s what we’ve been doing. This was after we bought a brushcutter, a thing Rajendra and Raju have been hankering after for ages. And they really have to be kept on a tight leash as far as that beast is concerned.

But… Is the grass grateful to be spared? Not at all! It’s getting more vicious by the day. The barbs and thorns (yes, I have been told the botanical term for them is seeds, but that’s too mild a name for them) attack us wherever we go and in unnameable and unscratchable parts of the body. They even stitch themselves into our skin. I’ll spare you that painful sight, but here’s one stitched into my salwar.

And look at this porcupine-like glove, except that the pointy bits are on the inside.

Now you vote: is grass evil or amoral?


8 responses to “Grass: evil or amoral?

  1. Depends on the type of grass I guess. Just a defense mechanism and survival tactics to keep themselves safe from invading humans. We humans don’t have thick skins πŸ˜‰

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  2. I guess most things in excess get amoral? Reminds me of a HR head in the company where I worked once saying ‘rose bushes need to be trimmed to keep the flowers healthy and blossoming” as a metaphor for letting go of the last 10% performers. Now what is excess here? πŸ™‚

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