Dunnit! Path edging

My courtyard is a bit of an eyesore. It could be a very pleasant place if anything would grow in it. I’ve tried all kinds of flowers, tufty wild grass, strawberries, lilies, various herbs including brahmi… I’m still resisting a lawn. I guess the main problem is that it gets too little sun, being walled on three sides and overhung by a tree on the fourth. Plus, it’s always either desert dry or awash in mud because the soil doesn’t hold water. I tried a sheet mulch once, but the weeds had a field year.Recently, I decided to address the water runoff by making a path edging. Hopefully this would be a step in the direction of greening the space. It’s taken a few months and several false starts, but it’s finally done… My second ‘masonry’ project after the garden bench! Which, by the way, is still holding up, contrary to all expectations.Attempt 1 on the path edging was done using roof tiles. That didn’t work well or look good. On Raju’s advice, Attempt 2 and subsequent attempts were done with bricks. Several crooked lines ensued. The trench for the bricks was not deep enough. Start over. In a last ditch effort, I stuck a pole at each end and tied a rope between them so as to get a straight line. And managed to complete the job – not perfect, but decentish.Hopefully mud will no longer run off the beds onto the path, and the next plantings will survive. Speaking of which, can anyone help me identify this plant?It’s a trailing foliage plant I’ve seen in hanging pots in Bangalore. I’m trying it out on one side of the courtyard.And here are pictures of the path – before and after. In the last one, you can see it covered with a sandy-gravelly soil found in some parts of our land. I really like the way it looks, and I’m told it won’t turn slushy in the rain.


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