Enter Celeste

Two sticks, a torn kurta, the headrest off the old lounger…

A broken plastic flower pot, some rope, some GI wire…

Tie here, twist there, pad out, prop up, and voila! We have something that looks like a 1920s Paris model…

She looks like a Celeste, though she’s really a scarepig.

Oh please Celeste, scare away the pigs and the birds and the rats and the squirrels and the elephants from my precious no-till paddy!


18 responses to “Enter Celeste

  1. She may be French and foreign to Indian pigs and rats but to me she looks too inviting! You are so fond of animals … your fattened up Celeste will end up looking like a fairy Godmother 😀

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    • Yes. My daughters are telling me the little wild pigs are probably brought up on fairy tales of a kind lady who grows a little patch of golden paddy just for them. I’m almost sold!

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  2. Change her Kurta to white, put her on a motorized cable and keep her moving from end to end. Forget animals, humans will also be kept at bay. She has no legs. You can add sounds of anklets for dramatic effect.

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    • Excellent idea, Sadagopan – if one had an acre or at least a whole field of some crop. My mother in law had a saying in Tamil – onne-onnu karuvepillai kannu. This is like that.


  3. Will she really scare away elephants, your lovely Celeste? They are such big animals, and she is so thin and looks rather fragile, like a French mannequin in some new outfit by Christian Dior.

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