Bars are best

Pearly pink, lemon drop yellow lime green, aqua and clear sunshine –

Pick me! They cry – all the pretty plastic bottles.

So ‘herbal’, so ‘natural’ – cherry and turmeric, amla and aloe vera,

Coconut balm and balsam calm

Tea tree oil and freesia scented,

Orange blossom and lotus buds!

Frothing and gurgling, sweet smelling and oh! so smooth,

Filling the rivers and seas with their detergent foam.

Not to mention the microbeads – death to many species and their home.

But wait! Have you looked at the shampoo bars yet?

A natural and kind way to wash your head

Shampoo bars are the best!

PS: I use this Earth Rhythm one, courtesy my daughters, but there’s a huge choice of shampoo bars and conditioner bars available. Read this! Also I managed to convert Srini to this shaving soap three years ago, and now he absolutely swears by it.

A tip for users of shampoo bars: sometimes you may feel a buildup of a waxy residue. To avoid this, just wash it off with a capful of vinegar – apple cider or homemade EM work well – before the final rinse.

PPS If my style is vile, blame it on Covid, my chile – sneaked up on me like a crocodile.


15 responses to “Bars are best

  1. love this; love poems where inanimate objects are given a voice: i call them ‘ventriloquist poems’; I like the message at the end; your reply to their bold, blind assertions —

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