The wet?

This year, the monsoon isn’t treating us too badly. It’s not great, but at least there have been no long dry spells – so far. The trees are growing and the crops – such as they are – are alive. More on this later. The ponds and lakes haven’t filled up yet. Hopefully, that will happen over the next few months, with the contributions of the southwest and the northeast monsoons. For now, it’s a delight to see the cloudy skies and shining pools around our farm.

Quarry pond on Pandavar Malai
Deer pond
Moo for monsoon

11 responses to “The wet?

  1. Lovely! I like the little ponds you have around the farm.These are such thriving places. The moment there’s even a puddle of water that stays for a couple of months, all forms of life come to check it out.

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    • Yes, water is a wondrous thing, especially to us denizens of the drier areas! When the “well” in our land (just a hole, really) fills up, turtles suddenly appear from nowhere. We live in hopes of seeing painted storks land here one day!

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  2. Love the photos – especially the quarry pond. It looks a wonderful place to sit with paper and pen. If the rain shows up here, I shall whisper to it to head your way.

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