We are in the city and going into lockdown. The word that pops into my head all the time is “Duranceville”.

I have no idea where I first met the word, though I know it’s slang for jail. A place where you are in durance. But on looking it up I found some odd things.

1. Durance is an actual place in France, a commune.

2. Durance, as we all know, means imprisonment.

3. And ville clearly means village or town.

4. However, several online dictionaries spell it “durance vile” and interpret it as vile durance.

I’m sure this is wrong. Can anyone provide a citation for the correct use of this picturesque word?

Be that as it may, I am in duranceville. May all my fellow inmates thrive! And may my precious trees and plants at the farm survive my incarceration.

Coffee flowering in the shade of a honge clump

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