Earth Day song: Make the planet bloom again

A year ago, when the first Covid wave hit us, people were all going on about how nature was retaliating, and how humans were going to learn not to abuse nature. I don’t know that we’ve learnt anything at all. But what we are doing to ourselves, directly and through our elected representatives, is just heartbreaking. At such a time of suffering, I find myself worrying more about people than about the planet. Which is rare for me. Maybe Earth can look after itself, but who is going to save us? However, today being Earth Day, I wanted to share something topical.

Some time ago, I wrote a play and a song for the children of our locality in Bangalore. The play, titled Plastic Beda, was a short skit on cutting out plastic. It was performed twice, and a rollicking time was had by both actors and audience.

The song was never performed because we couldn’t find anyone to set it to music. Any volunteers? I reproduce it below to mark Earth Day.

Make the planet bloom again
Earth is crying, Earth is dying
Oh ma, I’m choking, the sky is falling.
Look around, look around
Trees are chopped, forests dropped
Rivers polluted, lakes are dry
Plastic, plastic, everywhere;
Cows are dying, birds are crying
Whales no longer multiplying
All species dooming:
Extinction looming.

What’s this game, who’s to blame?
Are we really being humane?
It’s our trash, it’s our greed
That’s making the earth bleed
Let’s make a pact, Clean up our act
Reduce our waste, control our taste
Cut the plastic, Segregate!
Compost wet waste!
Make the planet bloom again!
Dust to earth, and leaves to earth,
Seeds to earth and fruits to earth
Put it back, put it back!
Flowers to earth, and leaves to earth,
Save some water, grow some trees
Blue and green, cool and clean,
Make the planet bloom again!


6 responses to “Earth Day song: Make the planet bloom again

  1. ‘Let’s make a pact, Clean up our act….’You said it. It’s up to each one of us to be aware and responsible. Such a pity you couldn’t put it to music.

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  2. Sounds fun! It has intrigued me how skits become popular and enjoy several successful re-runs among children. Recollecting the years I worked in a school, the annual theater production would get kids on such a mission!

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