Seasons greetings and the short view

Here’s wishing all my friends on WordPress a Merry Christmas and/or a happy Vaikuntha Ekadasi, and a wonderful New Year. Let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020. Did you see this very apt cartoon that’s doing the rounds on Whatsapp?

The Long View is taking a very short view of things right now. You may remember that our pump conked out three months ago. Well, we are not enjoying the discomfort any more, thank you very much. After several rounds of repairs, both pump and wiring were replaced. But we still have problems. Once in a while it’ll deign to work and we hurriedly fill up the water tanks. Then we’ll use the treadle pump and lug buckets of water to the plants. Then we’ll rush to Bangalore to get the pump inspected again. Apparently a gremlin has sneaked into our system, and no one can figure it out. As we speak, Venky is here peering into the borewell, while Raju and Rajendra heroically haul out the bugger. For the umpteenth time.

So our life now revolves around this: Will we have water tomorrow? Will we be here or in Bangalore? We keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are, that we have so much more than most, but tempers are still getting a bit frayed.

Fortunately, the plants aren’t yet showing signs of stress. Here’s a short view of a sweet potato and a lady’s finger blooming away merrily, oblivious to the imminent drought.

Live in the moment! And watch this space for good news in 2021!


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