A colloquium of colocasias

We harvested a bed of colocasia (shepankizhangu/ arbi/ taro) today. I love this tuber vegetable, and its leaves too, that you can make into delicious patrode, west-coast style.But the best thing about them is their funny, whiskery faces. Really makes you think how nature repeats her designs in unexpected ways and places. Look at these tubers, probably the ancestors of a variety of creatures, from octopus to god’elpus.

3 responses to “A colloquium of colocasias

  1. Hi! Arrived at your blog via Vaidya’s. What a lovely chronicle of farm life. It has been useful and fun for me to read, because I got a farm early this year and intend to live on it soon. Thanks for writing. -Sachin

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    • Hello Sachin! I’m so glad you find this blog interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting. And I hope your farming life will fulfill all your hopes and dreams. Do share your experiences, i would love to read about them and compare notes.


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