It’s raining mangoes!

The mangoes are still growing, they’re not yet ready to pick. These are windfalls. Most of our 22 mango trees are supposed to be Banganapalli, but we suspect they have got crossed with something else. Anyway, they are mangoes.

This year we have had no hailstorms, so the fruit haven’t been damaged. No fruit flies either, hurrah! We can stop arguing over whether we need to spray the trees with some kind of organic pesticide. (Srini says yes, I say no – which makes a change from our usual positions.) Those little red things in the picture are cashew fruit – sweet, sour, very astringent and flavorful. Definitely an acquired taste.

More importantly, it’s raining rain! This has become such a rare and wonderful event that I had to take a whole lot of ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ pictures. Topshe and Punkin Puss were wildly excited, and ran circles around us as we picked the mangoes. The rain has resumed after that last pic of Anilodharani glowing in the rosy evening light. We look forward to a rainy night!

9 responses to “It’s raining mangoes!

  1. Such a pleasure to read your post. Mangoes, cashews, rain – one doesn’t need much more in life!! Your banganpallis seem to have acquired a rather svelte shape missing in the originals 😀 The bright cashew fruit took me back to childhood. That heady fragrance, the warnings reg the sap and the final chomping up of the fruit!
    Beautiful post! Thanks for rejuvenating my memories. Hope it rains as much as your heart desires.

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    • We sort of take them for granted – they grow so easily in our country and there they are, holding their own against all kinds of weather all year round. Then comes the mango season, and all heaven and hell break loose at once. Coping with everything that can go wrong, including hailstorms and raiding elephants, as well as the things that go right – picking, storing, ripening, distributing and preserving the delicious fruits. Many farmers contract our their orchards so all the work and worry is off their hands, but we are novices enough still to want to do it ourselves.

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