Vegetables gone wild

I love all my trees and plants, but the ones I’m proudest of are the ones that grow wild. I don’t mean weeds like lantana and congress grass, of course. Not even useful trees and plants that predate us, like silk cotton, manathakkali (black nightshade), and kolle keerai (field greens). I mean plants that we have introduced, which are now growing wild. Unsolicited but welcome. Feral, if you like. It feels like we’ve been checked out and approved.

When the ‘real’ vegetables are in short supply, I love being able to forage for bits and pieces. Though poor Srini dreads the hotchpotch dinners! Here is our proud list of feral vegetables.


Cherry tomato

Vendekai (lady’s finger, okra)


Double beans

Thandu keerai (amaranth)


6 responses to “Vegetables gone wild

  1. Tomatoes are so temperamental! In my experience, carefully tended plants give up and shrivel for no reason. And a carelessly thrown-into a-pot overripe tomato thrives. Last year we got more than 125 tomatoes, the feral kind. 😀
    I like lantana for the colour. And the ripe black seeds are good to cure mouth ulcers.

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    • Yes, Jaya, them love apples know what they like and what they don’t. No compromises! I didn’t know about the healing power of lantana berries, though I do pop a few occasionally. The black nightshade berries are also supposed to soothe stomach ulcers and acidity. There seems to be a natural cure for everything, is we only knew it. Animals instinctively eat the herbs they need for their digestion. Even our cat eats a variety of grasses and leaves!

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