Half a cow is better than one

Don’t kill me, gau rakshaks! I mean no disrespect to the cow. And no cows were harmed in the making of this post. But before I come to the story of the half-cow, let me tell you the story of the story.

This morning, we were planting potatoes and wing beans. Raju, who is like a terrier and jumps right in, grabbing the gudli (pickaxe) before anyone can get it, was complaining that Rajendra wasn’t doing any work. So Rajendra told the story of two brothers, one of whom did all the work and the other who said he didn’t know how, so he just watched. Raju retorted that Rajendra jolly well knew how, he just was content to watch while others worked. Now Rajendra grabbed the gudli and started digging. All this while I was grinning to myself, because it is so typical of the two of them. And the nice thing is, they know it too, and there is no animosity between them. Just shows their emotional intelligence, because when they first started working for us, there was a lot of tension between them. Now they’ve realised they need to co-operate and trust each other, and they do, beautifully. Their wives, Rajamma and Radha, work amicably together too. I really like them so much!

Now, coming to the half-cow.

The two brothers in Rajendra’s story had a cow. One brother owned the front half, and the other the rear. One had to feed the cow, and the other had to milk it and collect the dung. End of story. Good arrangement or what?!


10 responses to “Half a cow is better than one

  1. i wouldn’t mind gathering the milk but the other puts me off. wouldn’t it have been a better deal to split the cow from head to tail instead? LOL

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  2. Yes, but in the U.S. it would also depend on jurisdictional rules, i.e., state law. I don’t know whether that is the case in India.


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