Old stones: Dolmens of Pandavar malai

Pandavar Malai, the hill next to our farm, is not only an ancient land form, over two and a half billion years old: it is also home to six dolmens. This signifies that it was occupied by humans several thousand years before the Christian era. Hence the name. The Pandavas belong to Indian pre-history. And all we know is that some prehistoric people once lived here and erected these stones for mysterious reasons of their own.

Not much is known about dolmens, though much is speculated. Wikipedia has an entry on them, and also a list of dolmens across the world. One well known site is in Krishnagiri, the headquarters of the district to which our farm belongs. (Here’s some further reading about the Mallachandram dolmens.) However, the Pandavar Malai dolmens have not received any official cognizance. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. From time to time, when quarrying of the hill has got out of hand, a group of us have sent petitions to the District Collector, asking him to protect the hill and these monuments. It seems to have worked so far.

There’s a sense of history about this place; and also of timelessness. These are possibly the oldest human-worked stones I’ve ever seen.

This is the biggest one:Dolmen2

View from the backDolmen2 back

Only one on the east side of the hill.Dolmen1

The smaller, west-facing ones below.Dolmen3




You can see three together in this last picture.Three dolmens


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