Garden bench

I’m lucky my daughters are such positive people. Once in a while, when I get to thinking nothing works, they’ll show up and yank me out of it. This week my younger daughter came to the farm and we went some wonderful cross country tramps. And we built this bench from scraps!

It didn’t cost us a thing. We used some old bricks, mostly broken bits, that were lying around, left over from the raised beds. A small quantity of cement, ditto. Mud and sand, free. A small slab of cuddapah stone that the builder had left years ago when the house was built. About two hours messy work, and a whole lot of fun. And there it is! Let’s hope it will continue to stand, though there’s not far to fall if it doesn’t. We aren’t very sure of the strength of the cement, but we’re pretty pleased with it otherwise. And it has a great view of the valley!


8 responses to “Garden bench

  1. I think it’s beautiful, Harini! A rustic, attractive bench in a lovely place– positively compelling. I am starting to imagine what I would read on that bench if I were there.

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