Shankh pushpi

This is a beautiful creeper with bright, ink-blue, conch-shaped flowers. It is used in several Ayurvedic medicines, being primarily recommended as a brain tonic. However, there is some controversy about whether the shankh pushpi is really the Convolvulus pluricaulis

or the Clitoria ternatea. As with many herbs in the Indian pharmacology, it’s difficult to get a definitive answer. What is certain, though, is that it is a leguminous plant and therefore an asset as well as an ornament to your garden. It’s also very adaptable and opportunistic, growing all over the country. Mine is spreading itself out, and I think I will have to watch it closely!



10 responses to “Shankh pushpi

  1. In Bengali, this beautifully hued and shaped flower is called Aparajita (immortal really!). My mother had one of these growing in a pot in Delhi for many years. The seeds were from her sister who had the mother plant in her flat in Kolkata. My mother in turn gave me the seeds that grew into the creeper in my back garden in IIM. Amazing flower … thanks for writing about them!

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    • Thanks for sharing your shankh pushpi story, Kajoli! One does get fond of these lovely flowers! Are you sure aparajita means immortal? Maybe it suits in Bengali. I always thought it meant unbeatable.


  2. I’ll check in tomorrow, Harini. I thought the pretty purple flowers were morning glories too! I’m not up on Indian flora, but I love seeing and learning about your garden!

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