Mohenjodaro comes alive!

Now that our raised beds are ready, we have decided to plant one bed a month. Ideally, one should plant a bed a week, but the monthly schedule seemed more doable. Let’s see how it works out.

At first it looked depressingly like Mohenjodaro, but now it’s sprung to life. In fact, our many visitors have been telling us it’s overcrowded and we shouldn’t have planted so many varieties in such a small space. Yes, we were greedy, but we’ll do better with the next one. Watch our progress!

And this is the planting plan, painstakingly done in accordance with companion planting guidelines. Who knew, for instance that the beans family and the onion family had to be kept in a state of apartheid?

Unfortunately, the grand plan went off the rails here and there, with so many eager helping hands and so little faith in our expertise. That’s understandable, but what with the mixing-up, some unfamiliar plants like kale, and the weeds, we’re playing some guessing games with that short jungle. As, I guess, some of my readers will be doing with my trilingual plan. Sorry, it was meant for our eyes only, or I would have made a better job of it. Feel free to write in for a translation.


8 responses to “Mohenjodaro comes alive!

    • Wait till you see what we harvest, if anything! Our neighbour in the city keeps giving us wonderful fresh veggies from her tiny garden, while I have nothing to show for my four acres. What we do have is lots of hairy carrots that I really must stop apologising for!

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  1. My husband is a super-ace gardener, and our turnips this year are looking dicey. We’ve had so much rain and cold that there is no blaming the gardener! We plant, but God and nature determine the outcomes.


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