A bouquet of its own

Prettier than any you can make or buy, this is a bouquet put together by a rose plant that is its own person, requiring nothing except water.

We have been busy clearing bits of the wilderness that is our farm, and making raised beds for vegetables. I wish we had the skills to do all of it ourselves, but we don’t; so we have to pay to get it done by others, while we get in the way trying to help. With so much to do, and very little connectivity, I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like to. Pictures are almost impossible to upload. It’s taken me almost a week to upload this picture, but the bouquet is still fresh and beautiful, with new buds opening everyday.

For my animal-loving readers, Topshe and Punk are enjoying the activities, except when their mad mother insists on being out in the sun. You shall see them in my next post!


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