Random farm

So, we are in transition and I have been unable to post. I have a lot of profound thoughts, believe me, I do! But right now I am just going to share some random photos from our farm. So you know we’re alive and well and I haven’t abandoned this blog altogether.

For those who are worrying about the kitten: we have found her a home and are keeping our fingers crossed. More on this another time.

Meanwhile, the ragi is ripening in the fields (not ours, though!) and the elephants are sniffing around it at night.IMG_20171106_172035271_HDR

The pepper vine has finally caught on that it’s its job to cling to the tree.IMG_20171108_135202964_HDR

We harvested some baby potatoes! That’s one happy potato-grandmother!IMG_20171107_091429093

The mornings are getting misty.IMG_20171107_081438001_HDR

And now I’m signing off with this wonderful, villainous-looking cow.IMG_20171107_083445420_HDR

Happy November, everyone!




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