Cat: In glorious technicolour!


Well, I really enjoyed the b&w challenge, but it’s nice to post a colour picture after all that!

This kitten just walked into our house on Sunday. It had been bitten (gossip has it) by a tomcat. It’s been doing the rounds of the neighbourhood and has drunk a lot of milk, apparently, on a lot of doorsteps. But it was just desperate to get indoors. And here it is.

I’m looking for a home for this baby. Female, probably 4-6 weeks old, healthy (the bite is almost healed) and very tame and friendly. The vet is coming tomorrow to give it its shots. At the moment I’m keeping it and the dog apart. No point in teaching it dogs are friends unless it’s going to live here, or in another house with a friendly dog, which is probably a 50-50 chance. It’s already too trusting for its own health. Topshe does NOT like cats, and nor does the husband. But hopefully they can be persuaded into putting up with this one. If it comes to it.



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