Much water and a little sunshine

I’m sure everyone on earth is sick of rain right now. But where I come from it’s still a matter to cheer about, so I’m going to go ahead and post this week’s rain pictures. All the lakes around our farm are overflowing. Thally lake is actually feeding a river, something we haven’t seen in six years.Thally lake overflowing

Thally lake overflowing2

Nearer our farm, the village was cut off by the lake breaching its banks. Those black patches in the foreground are unsubmerged bits of the road. The district administration was amazingly quick to the rescue though. Within a day, they had cut the embankment on the side opposite the road, which allowed the excess water to drain out and the lake to settle back within its banks. An embankment with a raised road is being planned! Gollapally lake overflowing

The last two days have been sunny, and the myriad shades of green bewitch the eye. This is our neighbour Shankar’s ragi field, note that gorgeous dry stone wall. Shankar tells me he is a boyan, that is a stonecutter, by birth. He’s made it his mission to wrest a living out of Pandavar Malai. Of late, happily, he seems to be doing it more through agriculture and less through cutting stone. Often you will see the whole family picking up stones from the earth and piling them up here and there. Months or years later, he has enough to build another wall! One of my ambitions is to make dry stone walls around our fields, but as of now I have two small piles of stones. Shankar's field and drystone wall

Also basking in the sunshine is Anilodharani. Anilodharani aka Rosie M Banks

If you think that house looks sweet and innocent, it’s not. We’ve spent the last two  days evicting termites, and I’m aware the eviction is very very temporary. They love our wood, our bricks and even our concrete. But did you know that castor oil is absolutely anathema to most insects? It’s so gross and sticky, I have never known an ant or a termite to cross a line of castor oil. Of course, if there is a way around it, they will find it. Still, it’s good to have some handy in the house. Like garlic or a cross. What I’d really like for my birthday, though, is an anteater.



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