Growing this week

This week, we are growing:

More of these beautiful but barren clouds.Night clouds

Some veggies, including our first ever cabbages. Aren’t they sweet? Those yard-long beans are much favoured by the parrots.Veggies

A clutch of eggs in a hollow in the ground. I hope they are not snakes’ eggs, but Rajendra assures me they are the eggs of a water bird from the lake. I don’t know whether to believe him, because the nearest lake is a long walk from the point of view of a baby bird, at least 500m. Rajendra says that the bird will carry the hatchlings in its beak to the water. Seems like a fairy story. I know, I know… there are stranger things in nature than in any fairy story.Unknown eggs

The thorn trees are flowering and have a wonderful fragrance that I would not have expected from such a prickly creature. The villagers apparently use the bark of the tree to make a liquor. And the elephants relish the bark too. All this is difficult to believe because the tree trunk is full of thorns and I have never seen the bark peel off.Thorn tree flowers

I’m sorry if I sound disgruntled. I have had my fill of tall tales this week, including the ones which had us haring up and down twice in eager (but alas! soon to be disappointed) expectation of getting our access road. They were good outings, though. We took a picnic lunch and dinner. Topshe had fun.cropped-sun-and-sand

And the twin domes of Devarabetta looked beautifully silvery in the cloud-chasing-sun weather. Devara betta

If we don’t get our road soon, I shall just have to take to drink. Unidentifiable thorn tree, watch your bark!



3 responses to “Growing this week

  1. thanks for sharing your world with us. I, like the parrots, would love those long beans, and yes, those are bird eggs. reptile eggs are more elongated.

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    • Thanks, Suze, what a relief! My fear of snakes is growing worse, the more I see of them. I hope I don’t turn into a gibbering wreck when I start living there full time. I wish I could go to Oz and get myself some courage.


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