Ten trees you owe the planet

I’ve been too busy the last few weeks to post or even read my favourites on WordPress, but this morning I happened to read this post by Jeremy Williams. His message is so important, I had to share it with you all.

I’ve been trying to think how many trees I’ve planted in my life, and come to the conclusion that they are uncountable. One of my earliest memories is of burying a mango seed as a small child. Don’t ask me about the survival rate, though! Counting the ones I’ve nurtured, there must be at least a couple of hundred that have survived in the various places I’ve lived in. Never going to stop either!

If you have even a little space, plant a tree! If you don’t, there are organisations in India that let you adopt trees, donate trees, or help reforestation in some way. Here are a few:





I have no personal knowledge of the work they do, though, so please vet them before you donate.

Here are some weaver birds’ nests hanging from a jamun tree over our ‘well’. Does anyone know why do they like to build over water? My entirely unsupported theory is that the updraft helps the baby birds to fly. Weaver birds nests

By the way, where are your ten trees? I would really love to hear about them! And if you’re looking for inspiration, read the wonderful story of the Chipko Movement here.






2 responses to “Ten trees you owe the planet

  1. Good one. Very few I guess. I have few “plants” in my balcony and that’s about it. We have a small curry leaf plant that’s growing now. Hopefully it will grow into a tree. I have had bad luck with Mango plants since last two three years. They will grow to a certain level and then die. May be I kept them too long in a small pot.

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