Who’s this?

‘Tis the season of insects. Ants, cockroaches, beetles, creepy crawlies everywhere. In an earlier avatar, I would be shouting, dalek-like,  ‘Exterminate!’. But the now ahimsa me tries to stay out of their way, a difficult feat. Occasionally, though, there is one you want to see more of. Like these two strange critters. This green one, some kind of leaf insect, I guess, though I can’t find an exact match on the Net, was spotted at the farm. I love its bold and determined look! Any information leading to its identification will be appreciated.Green poochie

And this colourful spider was found on a nature walk I participated in in Bangalore. If it looks self-conscious, it has reason to: it must be the most photographed spider ever. At least twenty of us clicked it, though no one seemed to know its name. It was so tiny I couldn’t even see the colours, and wondered what everyone else was exclaiming about. Then I saw someone’s close-up and was stunned. Turns out it’s a Chrysilla lauta, a jumping spider.Colourful poochie


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