Summer storm

Summer storm1After weeks of the heat building up (yes I know, it’s hotter where you are, almost anywhere in the country, but we in and around Bangalore suffer too), we finally got a good summer storm. The cooler temperature won’t last long, but it’s a welcome respite. Our brand new swale didn’t fill up, nowhere near, but it’s good to see some water in the ground.Rain in trench2The water from our roof is still pouring down and running off, but hopefully we’ll have our gutters up in another month. I’m trying to get bamboo gutters like they have in the north east, or clay ones, but no one seems to have anything but plastic! So I’m torn between saving all that precious water and my hatred of plastic. Ordinary bamboo won’t do, you need really big ones, at least 6″ diameter, to be any use. Help!Summer storm5

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