End of year tree census


Our daughters are home for the holidays, and I am rushed off my feet and so happy! This week, we did a tree census at the farm.


We have around 230 trees on our four acres. Plenty of scope to plant more – hurrah! There’s nothing as satisfying as planting a tree and watching it grow. Not that that happens as often as you’d expect. Under my black (but loving) fingers, they probably have a 50-50 chance of survival. Still…

About 60 of the trees are wild, and predate our arrival. The commonest are honge, laburnum, palash (pictured above), jamun, and a kind of thorny acacia that we haven’t yet been able to identify. It’s somewhat similar to the African umbrella thorn (from descriptions and images online), but it has the wrong shape. Does anyone recognize this species? The tree, not the animal. I know that‘s a dog, though it behaves more like a cat.


Anyway, a very happy New Year to you all, my small, precious flock of readers! May 2017 bring you all trees and peace!



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