Elephantine problems, and some possible solutions

The forests around Bangalore are bursting with pachyderms. Though we’ve just been visited by a cyclone, there still appears to be a water shortage in elephant country. This is the latest news. I like the idea of ponds for elephants. A friend of ours grows bananas and stuff especially for them. His mood on a given day is determined by whether or not his offerings have been accepted.

Our forest is also full of cattle – villagers say some 2000 cattle were brought over from nearby areas which received even less rain than us, and left in our forest to graze. One guy told me 20 dogs had been brought from the city. I hope this is just exaggeration. It would be too cruel if it were true. I kept a sharp eye open for new dogs, but saw only one. It wore a collar and had attached itself to a dog-loving but otherwise somewhat thuggish guy. I ask you, are we an ark or what?




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