Bhaskar Save, a quiet green hero

The Vision of Natural Farming

The Vision of Natural Farming by Bharat Mansata, Earthcare Books.

This book is about the life, philosophy and practical insights of Bhaskar Save, a natural farmer in coastal Gujarat. As well, it is about the fascinating world of plants and creatures of the soil, about how our planet has been affected by human politics and economics, and how it’s still possible to recover the simplicity we have lost. Bharat Mansata has painted an affectionate portrait of this lovable Gandhian, which will make you wish you had known him. He also marshalls an amazingly persuasive – in fact, downright heartrending – body of arguments, statistics and facts proving that modern farming methods are fundamentally delusional and economically unnecessary. Not to mention philosophically unsound, and harmful to all forms of life on earth.

The Vision of Natural Farming is inspiring; but it also makes you want to weep or rage at the folly of humans. Especially when you read the open letters from Save to M S Swaminathan, one of the architects of the Green Revolution in India, which ushered in chemical farming, killed millennia-old, sustainable farming practices, and has almost destroyed our soil and water bodies. The indifference with which his pleas were treated is horrifying. One can only hope that the powers that be will come to their senses before it’s too late.

A wonderful book: passionate about its subject, rigorously researched yet warmly human and accessible. Highly recommended!

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